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Schweizerische Schälmühle E. Zwicky AG

The E. Zwicky AG mill has become the most important hulling mill of its kind in Switzerland over the 111 years since its foundation. The company is based in the north-east of Switzerland, in Müllheim-Wigoltingen in the canton of Thurgau. It was founded in 1892, is still family-owned and is now run by the forth generation. Our trademark, the little gnome holding an ear of wheat, stands for our commitment to the highest-quality food products.

Our main product lines are our Zwicky brand special cereals for both human and animal consumption, and also semi-finished food products for the food industry both at home and abroad.

We do business in the following areas:

Development and refinement of food products and semi-finished products for the food industry.

Speciality foods
Production of special cereals and cereal mixes marketed under the ZWICKY brand name and other brand names and also own brands.

Food supplement
Golden millet oil capsules for vitality, health and beauty marketed under the HIRSANA brand name.

Feed Additives
Pet feed additives, marketed under the AniBelle brand name .

Food and Feed Additives are produced exclusively for Zplus Activline Ltd.

We are well known for our sense of innovation, flexible approach and thorough understanding of our customer's individual needs and requirements. Carefully tailored speciality foods and related products, a well-balanced range as well working in close partnership with the Swiss farming community are all practices appreciated by our much valued customers and business partners alike.

Further information at: www.zwicky.ch

Schweizerische Schälmühle E. Zwicky AG

Postal address: Müllheimerstrasse 7 | CH-8554 Müllheim-Wigoltingen | T 0041 52 763 17 44 | F 0041 52 763 32 14

E. Zwicky AG Board of Directors:

Jürg Klopfenstein President of the Board
Thomas Klopfenstein Delegate of the Board
Monika Klopfenstein Member of the Board